Youngest App Developer

Youngest App Developer @ 9 years

Jeyavarshan, at his age of 9 has developed an app and uploaded in google play store on his birthday. Right from the beginning he is very interested in Maths. On his 4th standard, he understood the concept of magic square of Mathematician Ramanujan. Based on this concept he developed 'Birthday Magic Square'. Now it is available on google play store and he is the 'Youngest App Developer.'


Brainvita, also called Peg Solitaire, is a single person board game. It involves moving marbles from one position to another position on the board according to rules. The objective is to have as few marbles as possible at the end of the game. The board consists of holes(positions) which can hold marbles. All positions, except one, have marbles placed in them at the start of the game. A valid move for a marble is moving it from its position to an empty position(which is two positions away, horizontally or vertically) by jumping over a non-empty position. The marble in the 'jumped' position is removed from the board. The game ends when there is no valid move possible. In this video, Jeyaadharsh 7 years boy solving by leaving single marble at the center. Try this.

Learn 3*3 Rubik’s cube in Tamil

Solving Rubik's cube is a dream for many of them. Lot of them tried and few of them achieved . And once we solve it, we feel very happy and think of it as a great achievement. Jeyavarshan learned 3*3 Rubik's cube on his age 7 and now he knows to solve 2*2, 3*3, 4*4 and 5*5 Rubik's cube. Here he is explaining to solve 3*3 Rubik's cube in Tamil. He has given it as 5 parts and learn it and enjoy the fun.