J.Jeyakrishnan who is the founder and chairman of MegaSoft. He was born in Dindigul of Tamilnadu. During his Diploma he started this company in the year 1997. After that, he finished his Engineering in R.V.S. college of Engineering. He also worked as a Lecturer in R.V.S Engineering college for 2 years. He has been doing his career very sincerely. He educated so many students. He had guided for many Ph.d., students, M.S. students etc., Under his guidance, students have created many real time and innovated projects. Some of his projects are

Automated Ration Shop.
Automated Drip Irrigation
Cell Phone Controlled devices
Smart Grid
Internet of Things (IOT)
Solar Splitting Technologies
Prepaid EB Meter etc.,

His projects is based on IEEE, Embedded, VLSI, Dot Net, PHP, Java, Android etc., He is undergoing workshops in Schools, Colleges etc., He went as a guest Lecture in

S.S.M. Engineering College
R.V.S. Engineering College
Christian Engineering College
P.S.N.A. College of Engineering
N.P.R. Engineering College
Mount Zion Engineering College etc.,

His vision and mission is to develop a good software company in Dindigul of Tamilnadu and should give good computer education to all students. He is also interested in social activities.